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The Freedom Logistics team offers a wealth of experience in the worldwide shipping industry. We have developed a strong network of carefully selected and vetted partners across European Road freight destinations.

We are here to guide you through all the arrangements. Deliveries and collections, imports and exports, we hold your hand all the way. Whether you require our import or export services, our knowledgeable staff can provide you with a personalised service, offering secure and reliable European road freight.

What do we mean by Road freight?

Freedom Logistics operates as an International Freight Forwarder. When we talk of European road freight, we mean road-based transport services between the UK and continental Europe, from single pallets up to full trailer loads. Road Freight, which is most suitable for consignments over 100 kilos, is the common mode for delivery with the UK’s biggest trading partners in Europe; encompassing both the 27 members of the European Union and the 21 other countries in Scandinavia, Central & Eastern Europe including the major economic force that is Turkey.

Freedom Logistics supports our customers business in Europe with select services for deliveries and collections including freight to and from Germany, France, Holland (Netherlands), Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The type of road freight services that are available to you at Freedom Logistics are:

Full Trailer Loads

Suitable for palletised and non-palletised freight, there several different trailer types & sizes available including Tilts & Euroliners.

Tilt is a word for a canopy over a wagon or boat. Based on a flatbed, these have poles, boards, and supports, covered by a canvas tarpaulin to protect from the elements.

Euroliner trailers are fast becoming the industry standard trailer. Euroliners have sliding curtains which allow loading through the side as well as the back double doors. They are also equipped with sliding roofs to accommodate overhead loading by crane suitable for heavy and long pieces like machinery, pipes & tubes. Euroliners are generally 13.6 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high -although this can vary, with a common carrying capacity of between 23 to 26 tonnes. They can take palletised loads up to 33 euro pallets (120x80cm) or 26 standard pallets (120x100cm).

Part Loads

When your consignment is less than a full trailer load and exceeds 10 pallets or 3 loading metres, then it is often a cheaper option to consider a part load direct to trailer collection and delivery, i.e. rather than arranging separate transport to/from a consolidation depot.


This is a freight industry term to describe road freight consolidation services for smaller consignments. See Pallets below.


For shipments under 10 pallets, individual consignments are loaded together on a trailer at a local depot for bulk movement from country to country. The trailer load is then broken down at the destination depot and put on smaller vehicles for the final delivery.

Scheduled services

While the most popular destinations may be served by scheduled services almost daily, others are at least weekly. Transit times will include a day to allow for breaking down the trailer load for redistribution.

Tail Lifts

A vehicle with a tail lift can be loaded where you normally need a forklift to load.

Express Services

When your consignment is urgent, we can arrange extra fast collection and delivery to suit your requirements.

Dedicated Vehicles

Loading at your door and carried all the way on the same dedicated vehicle. When your consignment is truly urgent, fragile, valuable, it needs high security and careful handling and to avoid delays in transit, a dedicated vehicle may be the best solution.

Booking Information

We would require the weight in kilos, the dimensions in centimetres (length x width x height) the collection postcode and the delivery postcode.

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