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Would your business benefit from a Logistics Management specialist with over 40 years of broad commercial experience? Do your strategic plans rely upon increasing international trade, but you lack the in house expertise to make the point of difference? Our logistic solutions could be the answer to your needs.

You could benefit from the back up of a highly experienced logistics management team with global capabilities and resources; the Freedom outsourced logistics service. A tailored suite of business infrastructure & logistic solutions designed to enable you to focus all your energies and management resources purely on sales & marketing to grow your business.

Our wealth of international logistics management experience can benefit you from simply assisting in the running of your shipping and warehousing functions to providing a fully outsourced third party logistics (3PL) service.

Freedom provides you with the level of management expertise your organisation needs to support your desired development of international trade. Practical, scalable, simple yet effective logistic solutions, be that outsourcing inventory handling processes overseas, or providing guidance on Incoterms and document requirements for exporting your product to new markets.

Working with Clients like you we assist your people in drawing up the required root processes, training and management of import and export shipping functions, enabling successful development of your International Trade.

Freedom Logistics, have the resources and expertise to provide you with your own distribution operation in strategic overseas markets i.e. Europe, China, USA, Middle East, Australasia.

You can choose from a full suite of business infrastructure and logistical services to operate under your own Corporation. We will guide you through the regulations and be your interpreter to explain the local market mentality, customs & traditions and the way they operate in business.

Logistics Management Services options

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  1. Incorporate the Company in the state most appropriate to your circumstances.
  2. Obtain the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) number necessary for the Company to start operating.
  3. Facilitate the opening of a corporate bank account which is otherwise very complicated.
  4. Obtain all state and local permits necessary to activate the Company.
  5. Register the Company with the appropriate sales tax agency.
  6. Advise Company as to the purpose of sales taxes if applicable, how they are collected and how they are paid to the government. NB. B2B sales are not liable to sales tax whereas B2C sales are.
  1. Provide a legal address for the Company
  2. Provide the Company with the infrastructure (computers, personnel, office space, etc.) necessary to operate in the country.
  3. Provide required number of dedicated phone lines (answered with Company’s name)
  4. Provide the management personnel (managing director, CFO, etc.) to direct all the Company’s operations.
  5. Provide all the specialised personnel (customer service, bookkeeper, freight specialist, etc.) to provide all operational services.
  6. Provide consulting services on all aspects of Corporate Governance.
  7. Set up the procedures to ensure proper Corporate Governance.
  8. Make sure financial records meet the strict standards set by Stock companies.
  1. Set up an Accounting System with all of the Company’s data.
  2. Manage Company’s imports into the country and their delivery to the warehouse.
  3. Manage Deliveries of products to Clients – Order Desk – Order Processing
  4. Consulting on payment terms.
  5. Consulting on which Clients might be credit risks.
  6. Issue invoices to Clients
  7. Post the invoices into the accounting system.
  8. Monitor all due dates for Account Receivables Invoices.
  9. Solicit payments from Clients before and especially after Invoice due dates.
  10. Receive payments from Clients and log them into the Accounting System.
  11. Contact Clients who take Credits to determine if the Credits are justified and dispute credits that are not justified.
  12. Manage returns making appropriate entries in the accounting system.
  13. Dispute Department Stores Charge-backs and do all possible to get them reduced or reversed.
  14. When Charge-backs are valid, notify Company as to why and how to avoid the Charge-backs in the future.
  15. Receive, check and post valid and correct supplier Invoices into Accounting System.
  16. Dispute incorrect and or invalid supplier invoices.
  17. Pay suppliers and post payments into Accounting System.
  18. Reconcile all bank statements.
  19. Provide the Company with regular reports on invoices issued, payments received, cash situation, open receivables and payables.
  20. Receive daily receipt reports from stores and record them in bookkeeping system.
  21. Check bank statements to make sure they match with daily receipt reports.
  22. Post into accounting system all of the Company’s transactions according to local financial regulations.
  23. Supply the Company CPA all data necessary to prepare Income Tax Returns.
  24. Make modifications in the accounting system deemed necessary by the CPA.
  25. Give the Company Internet Access to all its accounting records.
  1. Manage all bank accounts and obtain the best possible conditions from the banks.
  2. Make sure all bank fees are eliminated.
  3. Manage Company finances.
  4. Manage Merchant Services.
  1. Consulting on tax rates and financial regulations.
  2. Tracking all depreciations, amortisations and accruals.
  3. Supervising bookkeeping staff and notifying such staff as to all journal entries to be made in the system including amortisations and depreciations.
  4. Preparing yearly financials.
  5. Preparing income tax returns.
  1. Receive from the Company at the end of the Selling Season, an Excel Spread Sheet that lists all the Orders acquired by the Company.
  2. Submit to the Credit Insurance Company all the Clients’ names and the amounts for which the Company is requesting Credit Insurance Coverage.
  3. Notify the Company within about one week from the receipt of the Excel, of which Clients are approved and which Clients are declined for Credit insurance coverage.
  4. Prepay the Credit Insurance premium as soon as the Insurance begins.
  5. Monitor and notify the Company as to which Clients are late enough with the payments that Claims have to be submitted to the credit insurance Company.
  6. Submit claims to the credit Insurance Company within the time allowed.
  7. Monitor the Claims to make sure the Credit Insurance Company pays as soon as possible.

With Chain Stores Regulations And Routing Guides

  1. All mass merchants and chain stores, certainly in the U.S., require suppliers to communicate electronically with their buyers through a system called EDI. We provide EDI communications as detailed in our EDI page which is available separately.
  2. All mass merchants and chain stores have specific requirements as to how to package and palletise the merchandise. We have experience with most mass merchants and can advise you as to their requirements.
  3. All mass merchants also have specific requirements as to the labelling of the products and the bar coding. We provide you with all this information.
  4. Dispute charge backs (credits) which are typically made by clients
  5. We provide customer service to all your Clients.
  1. Provide Company with Letters of Employment (Employee Contracts) and an Employee.
  2. Handbook that standardises Company policies and duties and benefits for all employees as per Federal and State regulations.
  3. Manage Payroll through a third party payroll service like Paychex. One service provider would handle payroll for all locations.
  4. Receive all payroll statements from the payroll service and log all data into the accounting system.
  5. Manage all Human Resources (including the ones for the stores) keeping a record of days and hours worked, days off, vacations, etc. for each individual.
  6. Manage all other Human Resources Services including medical insurance coverage, Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and Disability Insurance.
  7. Review all salaries and advise Company as to proper salary levels.
  1. Consult with Company on all Insurance requirements.
  2. Provide all necessary insurance policies.
  1. Advise as to how to prepare invoices for Customs purposes.
  2. Explain what labels are required on foreign products entering the local market.
  3. Provide the Company with all information regarding duty rates, other Customs costs and Customs Clearance charges.
  4. Consulting on the preparation and preparation of LDP prices (Landed Duty Paid) prices.
  1. Provide a warehouse in a location best suited to the Clients of the Company.
  2. Provide storage and pick and pack services.
  3. Coordinate the delivery of the Products to the warehouse.
  4. Manage the inventory keeping track of all the ins and outs.
  5. Prepare the packing lists for orders to be shipped and coordinate the shipping of the orders.
  6. Provide all domestic transportation services; small package, LTL and consolidation programs with rates based on negotiated total freight volume. Order tracking/tracing & P.O.D.’s.
  7. Provide all international freight services required for shipping to the US warehouse, by air & sea, FCL,LCL.
  8. Customs brokerage.
  1. Assistance in negotiating contracts with agents or sales reps, buyers, landlords etc.
  1. Our vast experience which is briefly explained above makes it possible for us to help you restructure your organisation to reduce costs and maximise efficiency.
  1. Please ask for a separate presentation.

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