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You will benefit from Freedom Logistics accumulated knowledge and experience in freight customs clearance management both here in the UK, and abroad, ensuring each consignment reaches its destination without delay.


We know the rules so you don’t have to. Let our expertise benefit you and leave you free to concentrate on other matters. We pre-arrange Import Customs clearance at all UK Ports to avoid any undue delays to the freight once it has arrived. We handle customs clearance for shipments arriving in the UK by air, sea and road including London and Manchester Airports, Felixstowe and Southampton Container Ports, Dover and Felixstowe Ferry Ports.
We will prepare and submit an electronic entry to Customs and arrange payment of any Import Duty and VAT to HMRC.
We will work with you to ensure the commodity classification is correct for your products to avoid paying too much Duty. For more information, please get in touch.
We can provide a Duty Calculation worksheet to demonstrate how the duty & VAT amounts have been calculated.
When there are any Customs, Port Health or Security X-Ray inspections Freedom will keep you informed and manage the impact of any delay on the arrangements for final delivery.


A majority of the UK’s exports go into the European Union and these now require compliance with a raft of new customs regulations.
When exporting outside of the EU all commercial shipments must be declared to HMRC.
Freedom Logistics arrange Customs entries to be submitted accurately and timely to speed your shipments on their way, avoiding any undue delays to your exports.
Freedom Logistics depth of experience includes special Customs status goods that require specific Customs Processing Codes (CPC). If you have to export goods under Inward Processing Relief or other regimes Freedom can assist you to comply with special controls and provide mandatory evidence of export to satisfy regulatory bodies.
Please feel free to call us for advice on any Customs issues.

The UK’s biggest trading partners are in Europe; encompassing both the 27 members of the European Union (EU 2020) and the 21 other countries in Scandinavia, Central & Eastern Europe including the major economic force that is Turkey.

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