Our Customer Commitment Charter

1. You need easy access to our people and the information that is important to you.

This is why we make it as simple as possible for you to access our people, our services and information

  • Freephone number for you to call us
  • 24/7 Emergency contact number
  • Phones answered within 3 rings

2. Your time is precious.
This is why we work harder to make our procedures and systems effective and efficient allowing us to address all enquiries or issues promptly and effectively with the minimum inconvenience to you.

  • We ring you back as promised
  • Emails Acknowledged/Answered within 1 hour
  • We make it simple and easy to book shipments

3. You deserve courtesy and helpfulness at all times.
This is why we are passionate about consistently providing you with the very best experience in all of our dealings with you and continually measure our performance levels.

  • Direct contact to named person taking care of your shipment
  • Customer 100% satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do
  • Honesty & integrity ingrained in our culture

4. You need to be able to rely on us.
This is why we clearly specify what you can expect from the service we provide and why we constantly measure, analyse and develop our service levels to ensure we continue to meet your needs and expectations

  • We never rest in seeking continuous improvements
  • Staff training focused on delivering customer satisfaction
  • KPIs and SLAs always agreed at the outset

5. You need us to be proactive at all times.
This is why we will keep you informed of any issues we become aware of that may affect the service delivery.

  • Pre-shipment risk assessment covering documents & packing
  • We monitor shipments in transit and report any exceptions
  • We make the extra phone calls so you don’t have to

6. You appreciate the use of the latest technology to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of service
We invest in the best and latest technology so you can quickly and easily track the current status of all your shipments.

  • Innovative freight software used from booking to billing
  • FREETRAX online tracking & booking
  • Booking confirmation emails

7. Your 100% satisfaction is absolutely key to our continued success.
This is why we value and continually seek your input and feedback to check you are happy and to identify areas for further improvement

  • Freedom 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Customer service evaluation surveys bi-annually
  • Regular review meetings